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About Póbeltsch-Gle


About Póbeltsch-Gle


Póbetlsch-Gle (a.k.a. PBG) holds one of the very few cannabis research licenses in the world and the only one in Bulgaria, enabling us to employ cutting edge science in building the future of cost-effective, sustainable CBD (Cannabidiol) and extract production solutions. Using over two decades of mountain farming experience, we at Póbeltsch-Gle are in the unique position of growing our own hemp fields at 1000 meters above sea level, high in the mountain fields between Bulgaria's most beautiful mountains - Rila, Verila, Plana and Vitosha. We are closely working with our partners from the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Medical University of Sofia, Athens University, Bulgarian Pathology Association and other scientific and patient organisations around the world.


We employ a holistic approach by combining our scientific research and practical experience in order to identify best practices and technologies at every stage of hemp production and processing starting from picking the right seed and soil, to finally extracting the right plant using the right technology and get the highest quality final product.

Our fields of research and expertise include agronomy and farming, agrotechnology, green chemistry and last but not least - CBD and cannabis extract production using out intelligent Quality (iQ) control system at every step of the process.


We use no herbicides, no pesticides and no harmful chemicals on our plants - the ladybugs in the mountains do a perfect job of protecting our hemp from most threats, as for the rest, hemp is perfectly capable of defending itself.


There are several key points of focus for us:

First and foremost - creating only products we ourselves would use.

Developing growing, harvesting and drying methods for hemp flowers and green mass.

Developing mechanical processing methods for hemp flowers and green mass.

Developing the best extraction processes using intelligent quality control.

CANNABIDIOL & CAnnabis resin

CBD crystals and cannabis resin is Póbeltsch-Gle's key raw product and as such we make sure we grow the best mountain hemp we can and then extract the highest quality end-product out of it.




The science behind hemp and hemp products is PBG's main playground. Reinventing hemp requires a large portion of innovative thinking. A whole new universe of hemp products reveals itself once you start paying closer attention to the plant.

High quality hemp flowers tell a long story of hardship that we like to call experience. After 20 years of professional high-altitude mountain cultivation we've learned how to avoid a whole lot of problems and deliver high quality crops.

We explore the whole process from seed to end product. Our aim is to develop and produce the best hemp products, while retaining constant environmental consciousness.

We grow and experiment with different strains in our search for the best one for each specific purpose. But it's not all laboratory work because our scientists don't mind getting dirty - we conduct experiments in our mountain fields as well as in our greenhouse. 

Exploring every ground for improvement is not a goal for Póbeltsch-Gle - it's an ongoing process and we'd like to keep it that way.