Green chemistry is not just a mere catch phrase: it is the key to the survival of mankind
— Professor Ryoji Noyori, Nobel Laureate

EXTRACTED ORGANICS™ nutraceuticals

PBG presents the face of our nutraceutical products - EXTRACTED ORGANICS™ - a brand standing for tested quality and tested effects. We are proud to work with Medical University of Sofia, where we conduct research of PBG’s extracts and formulations. Our pharmacologists cooperate with leading researchers at the university and carry out tests on the effects of the compounds we incorporate in our end-client products.

EXTRACTED ORGANICS™’s initial products carry the name CANNABIN D™ - a synergetic formulation of our highest quality full-spectrum extracts, organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil and vitamin D.

CANNABIN D™ comes in two nutraceutical forms - soft-gel capsules and drops adding functionality to the effects of CBD.

CANNABIN D™ Soft-gel pack contains 3 blisters with 10 capsules each. Each capsule is standardized to offer 25 mg Cannabidiol and 10 μg vitamin D. Contains a total of 750 mg CBD per pack.

CANNABIN D™ Drops packs 500 mg of CBD in the form of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, vitamin D and natural aromas that improve the taste.

CANNABIN D™ Soft-gel capsules - each standardized at 25 mg Cannabidiol and 10 μg vitamin D

CANNABIN D™ Soft-gel capsules - each standardized at 25 mg Cannabidiol and 10 μg vitamin D


WHOLESALE CANNABIS SATIVA flower extract, THC-free, CBD 30%+

Our decarboxylated all-natural whole-hemp hemp extract contains at least 30% CBD (cannabidiol) and other natural constitutes found in the plant. We use our proprietary THC Zero technology to remove all THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) traces in order to make our final product available in all markets that do not tolerate even the smallest amounts of the controlled psychoactive substance.


WHOLESALE Natural (-)-trans-Cannabidiol

Póbeltsch-Gle produces all-natural CBD isolates available on the the market with purity above 99%.

Customer specified content phytochemical products

We are able to produce specific products with cannabinoid, flavonoid and terpenoid profile as per customer specification.

Póbeltsch-Gle employs the green chemistry philosophy - our CBD isolate and whole-hemp extract production technologies reduce chemical related impact on human health and the environment to the minimum by the use of alternative and environmentally friendly processes. We firmly believe that this is the only way for sustainable hemp extract production. Our lean extraction and resin processing systems use only GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) solvents that are maximally recycled, leaving absolutely no residual solvents in the final product, while lowering production cost.

Our scalable solutions for cost-effective hemp resin production of whole-hemp CBD-rich extracts preserve the full compound matrix naturally found in the plant.

Póbeltsch-Gle developed and patented some of the most exciting counter-current chromatography techniques that are hi-tech, hi-efficiency extract processing systems, allowing for efficient scalable production of customized and standardized pharmaceutical grade products.

Our innovative patented THC Zero technology allows the creation of THC-free whole hemp extracts with no need of chromatography processing. The resulting extracts contain no THC or THCa making this CBD-rich product unique and available to markets where no level to THC is tolerated.