We grow. We process. We research.
PBG Global has been raising the standard of cannabinoid production through continuous research and development since 2013. We know every step of the production process requires a depth of know-how to realize the highest quality our clients have come to expect from us. Applying that know-how requires total control over the production process. This is why we decided to own the whole process since day one. We do our own farming, mechanical and chemical processing and apply the highest quality control across the entire cycle.
Our internal team is comprised of world-class cannabis and cannabinoid specialists spanning the whole production chain from farmers, agronomists, and mechanical engineers to chemical engineers, biotechnologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and physicians. As with everything, the more you know, the more you need to explore. This is why we don’t shy away from external partnerships with experts and institutions such as the Institute of Organic Chemistry and the Institute of Microbiology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia Technical University, and Sofia Medical University, to name a few. Our goal is to commoditize quality cannabinoids and enrich every suitable end-product domain. Doing so will undoubtedly benefit the health and wellness-minded and patients who currently have no access to high-quality cannabinoid medicine.
iQ: Intelligent Quality Control System
Our motto is “Quality’s benchmark” for a very good reason. We entered the cannabinoid industry at its inception back in 2013 when there was almost no competition. No competition meant no example. We took it upon ourselves to be that example. To push the boundaries of quality control. To be quality’s benchmark.

We achieve that by applying a rigorous tracking, analysis, and triple-checks system. That’s the only way we can guarantee quality at every step of the closed production cycle - from sowing the right seed to shipment of the end product. Our production meets the prestigious and globally recognized standards for quality control and traceability:

Global GAP GMP ISO22000 ISO9001

On top of the strict quality control requirements set in these standards, we at PBG Global further test each batch for over 400 types of pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbiological contamination, THC traces, peroxide, and acid values.
Quality statement
The renowned financial news organisation Financial Times writes a piece about female entrepreneurs. One of them is Valentina Milanova with her company Daye, she is the inventor of the patented and clinically-tested CBD tampons. Of course, her ingenious tampon uses PBG Global's unique THC-free full-spectrum CBD extract.
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The Bulgarian National Television visits us in Romania, where we process the cannabis plants to produce our unique patented THC-free full-spectrum cannabinoid extracts.
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NOVA television interviews the founders of PBG Global and reports on the different machines and technologies the company developed to produce the most effective cannabinoid extracts.
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Scientific innovation, research, and development PBG Global hold the only research license in Bulgaria, allowing our scientists to carry out cutting-edge experiments and develop the future of cannabis processing technologies. Today's highly competitive cannabis extraction industry needs scalable and efficient solutions providing for the sustainable cannabinoid and cannabis resin production of tomorrow. Our R&D labs focus on developing high-yielding, high-quality, scalable extraction and processing methodologies. We proudly stand on the shoulders of giants as we cooperate closely with:
- Institute of Organic Chemistry with Center for Phytochemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Science
- Institute of Microbiology at the Bulgarian Academy of Science
- Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Sofia
Quality statement
Introducing our high-tech countercurrent chromatography 

As standardization of end-products becomes the only way to deliver uniform quality batch after batch, chromatography enters as the de jure standard.

Chromatography was developed in the year 1900 and has come a long way. Today many cannabis processing laboratories use liquid chromatography as cannabinoid separation, purification, concentration and/or standardization technique. The two most widespread technologies are High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and flash chromatography - both technologies are a type of column chromatography that pumps a sample mixture in a solvent (known as the mobile phase) at high pressure through a column with chromatographic packing material (stationary phase). Despite their popularity, these technologies prove best as analytical equipment, but not for scaling-up to industrial level.

This is the point where Póbetlsch-Gle's patented high-tech countercurrent chromatography technology steps in. We have developed and patented a scalable industrial cannabis resin and cannabinoid separation, purification and standardization technology.
Benefits of liquid-liquid chromatography in comparison to HPLC
No solid packing material that is costly to buy, replace or reprocessLow solvent consumption (10 to 25% less)One single rotor adapted to all types of separations

No irreversible adsorption or sample loss - 100% recovery
No denaturation of fragile molecules due to interaction with silica (adapted to fragile molecules)

High purification levels - up to 99.9%

3 to 5 times faster than other current solutions

Adapted to all types of products, be that natural or syntheticWell-adapted to a very wide range of polarities

A single separation/purification technique adapted to samples ranging from milligram to several kilograms
Efficient farming plays a major role in cost-effective CBD and whole-hemp extract production. The current high market price of hemp flowers impacts resin prices as raw material constitutes the largest expense in hemp extract production. At Póbeltsch-Gle, we understand perfectly well how important agricultural technology is for increasing cost-effectiveness. Even though agricultural technological solutions have changed the game for crop management of all popular crops, technology and machinery specific for hemp farming and processing have seen little advancement for the past 60 years. This fact became painfully apparent when five years ago, we realized there is no harvester specific for whole plant harvesting on the market. Thankfully, our agricultural mechanical engineer team has over two decades of experience with building specialized machinery for different crop management needs. We developed and patented the first pull-type harvester KOKO 1620, to enable quick, versatile, and affordable medium-to-large scale crop production. Póbeltsch-Gle’s research in post-harvesting equipment continued by developing an industrial low-temperature conveyor drying system with terpene retention technology and an in-line hemp-top stick separator and grinder. Our team is bound to bring hemp agrotechnology up to date to provide extraction facilities with low-cost, high-quality hemp flowers.
Hemp Harvesting Equipment
We have developed a specialized affordable, easy-to-maintain hemp harvester designed to work with existing tractors. Our agricultural engineering department designed and built KOKO (KOnopen KOmbine meaning hemp harvester in Bulgarian) based on the requirements of flexible mountain hemp flower growing:
- Easy-to-service and affordable machine
- Double-knife system for two-stage harvesting simultaneously - flowers and stems;
- Works with any tractor 65 hp and above;
- On-board bunker with moving floor allowing for even loading;
- Quick unloading mode;
- In-cabin control of the flower harvesting knife height for uneven flower field;

Patent granted.
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Post-harvest equipment
Hemp Flower Stick SeparatorFarmers need an easy way to process the dry hemp flowers. We have developed an industrial size machine that automizes the process of grinding the green mass and removing the large sticks that hold the flowers together. Equipment under development.

Patent pending.