CANNOLEX Spectrum, 5000mg CBD
Full-spectrum CBD oil with precise dosage
Cannabinoid content:
5000 mg CBD, full-spectrum with minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBL, CBC etc.)

CBD concentration:
100 mg / mL (10%)

Terpene content:
1000 mg full-spectrum terpene profile

Carrier oil:
cold-pressed sesame seed oil

In the box:
1 x 50 mL bottle
2 x pharmaceutically calibrated syringes
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Precise dose. 
Precise effect.
CANNOLEX® Spectrum is one of PBG Global’s flagship products offering unparalleled quality CBD specifically designed for precise, ergonomic dosing. In one box of CANNOLEX Spectrum (full-spectrum-based CBD), you will find a 50 mL bottle (pharmaceutical glass) with a total of 5000 mg CBD standardised at 100 mg CBD / mL, mixed with cold-pressed sesame seed oil. The product also features 1000 mg of full-spectrum terpene extract from the same plant.

Ideal for: medical use; mixing CBD with foods or cosmetics.
Created by nature
Perfected by science

CANNOLEX’s formula is based on the most extensive body of scientific and clinical data supporting its efficacy for medical purposes. Included are also two pharmaceutically-calibrated CANNOLEX iQ® syringes, designed by PBG Global to eliminate the need for calculating concentration and counting drops.